Reviews for "24in24 Twenty Eleven"

Number 8 amazing

It's an amazing animation number 8 though wow

Dat nr 8

You ought to make a full version of it.
At least for audio portal :D?

Daddy your burnt toast.

great job and title!

Pretty Good

I think my expectations were probably too high, since this is the creator of Tarboy we're talking about, but it was still decently-enjoyable. Art was decent, along with the animation. Wasn't really into any of the stories too much, but the fact that there's 24 of them, and that this was done in a little over 24 hours, I'd say it's very good.

So anyway, here's my review breakdown...

+Decent art
+Good animation
+Great voice-acting
-No real plot (except for maybe the toast, I guess)
-Some animations are literally only like 3 seconds long

the toast :)

the toast could be a series