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Reviews for "Skyward Sword Parody"

Move your analog stick forword

U heard me. :3

Samination responds:


F*cking Funny As All Hell

Hilarious use of the games not so great factors, and extremely creative use of characters. Congratulations, you just got 10/10.

Samination responds:

NOMNOMNOM that 10 tasted good.


Nicely done art with the background and characters dialogue was Funny as hell Dex Manning really sold the flash the way he talked made this flash more hilarious really is a great flash cant wait for the next one

tis the truth

anyone else get the Orochimaru feel from meeting the self proclaimed Demon king? (can't spell his name XD)

The best Skyward Sword Parody I have seen to date, the detail and flow of animation carried superbly through every frame, I liked having Fi in it explaning the controls, it made it feel more like you were playing the game and currently watching a cut scene. The calling Zelda a dumb bitch is always good and insulting the Demon Lord Ghirahim was also classic. Colourful and cute line was a well timed and played line, all in all I rather excellent Flash, I hope to see more like it.