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Reviews for "Skyward Sword Parody"

i still like twilight princess before this

everything is so colorfully gay and kiddy tho O_O like rainbow gay

Samination responds:

I think I like Twilight Princess better too. I started playing it again too. :P

So True, lmao.

I just beat SS and this flash couldn't get any truer to the game ha ha! Good job, it would be great if you keep going with this but eh, I satisfied :)


handjob at the end was awsome

Samination responds:

handjobs at the end are always awesome.

I gotta say...

I just got this game yesterday and played up to that boss battle, and this flash is so so true about everything.

I'm starting to think that giving things I just enjoy a 10/10 is kind of odd, but there isn't really anything about this flash worth dropping a star for, so I guess that's good enough.

Samination responds:

Damn thanks man! I think I was up to 40 hours when I wrote the script.

Love the animation

I've personally never played any of the new Zelda games {retro gamer FTW] But I giggled at the plot of your quicky and thoroughly enjoyed the fluidity of the animation. 10 doesn't cut it. But that's the best NG has to offer. TT^TT
Oh, and the voice acting was pretty rad, too. ; )

Samination responds:

Thanks man! I tried a different style with this animation. I wanted it to be more... animated. I think that's going to be one of my new year resolutions.