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Reviews for "Skyward Sword Parody"

Not the best Zelda game out there.

Hah, this is some funny stuff. I got a pretty good chuckle too at the end with what I assumed was a master hand(job) >=D. Ive played skyward sword at a friends house, can't really say I'm much of a fan for it. But I think the graphics are less kidish than that of say..windwaker. But it's been said in other comments and I'll end up repeating it. I greatly prefer the style of twilight princess, though I got that for the gamecube. (Because I too prefer the old style controls.)

Samination responds:

The graphics are actually probably the best for a Wii game. Skyward Sword is a pretty sweet game too. It just takes a while to get into it.

Good animation... crappy game

I played the demo for this game, its shit. :(
funny flash though!

Samination responds:

Well, I think the game is pretty awesome. It just takes time.

Gotta Love it.

Lol Awww Dex You know how to do it. :)
I thought this was pretty well played out, I liked the artwork an voice acting, keep up the good work.

It's like a window into my soul

I ask myself every time i turn that game on why it had to be on the Wii. Life would be so much better with a classic controller. Nintendo just feels the need to beat you over the head with the fact that "hey this system uses motion controls, lets incorporate them into everything you do". Shit gets old quick.

Samination responds:

I think the motion control is pretty awesome. I just dont understand using the A button to run. That's messed up.


great but is that dex?

Samination responds:

Yes. It was in the credits and above in the description box.