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Reviews for "Skyward Sword Parody"


Good job, the voice was great and everything was true. the thing I didn't get was the brown tunic and hat. That is the only thing I would change but other than that great job!


All sotrue I laughed so hard to the point I am crying.

ALL SO TRU!!!!!!

Fi-annoying: TRUE
Sword Controls-Always makes sword go wrong way: TRUE
That Weirdo Hand in Bathroom-weird: TRUE
Ghirahm-What Link said- (sometimes) TRUE

almost all true!

Skyloft was kinda "pretty" too.


Nicely done art with the background and characters dialogue was Funny as hell Dex Manning really sold the flash the way he talked made this flash more hilarious really is a great flash cant wait for the next one

Fits the game perfectly..

I have no idea how many times I have to press down on the d-pad to center the cursor... Good game still, and awesome animation.