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Reviews for "Skyward Sword Parody"

(Sigh) I sure wish I knew more about this game.. As funny as it was, I wasn't quite sure about the content.. Solid job on voice and animation!

Funny, well animated, and true to the game. Hope to see more, or a series of animations from a certain game. Keep it up!

LOL when ever i hear link talk in the drawn praroites they put an astrallian accent XD

The best Skyward Sword Parody I have seen to date, the detail and flow of animation carried superbly through every frame, I liked having Fi in it explaning the controls, it made it feel more like you were playing the game and currently watching a cut scene. The calling Zelda a dumb bitch is always good and insulting the Demon Lord Ghirahim was also classic. Colourful and cute line was a well timed and played line, all in all I rather excellent Flash, I hope to see more like it.

Best Skyward Yet! YOU ARE A BOSS!!!