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Reviews for "Skyward Sword Parody"

It was kind of dry

The animation looked good and clean but the style seemed a little wrong for link. It was funny though that you made fun of the motion control though.

It had its moments.

I do like your criticism of the motion controls and the constant assault of navi like characters along with a few other things (heh heh, the hand from MM... wait, I haven't played SS, did they actually bring it back?). But the animation was... unfitting and I just didn't like it, I'll accept it if it was only a half effort where you barely put in any time, but only then.

All in all, you get a rating of: O.K

Samination responds:

The hand returns. Sort of. I worked on the animation for almost a week. I think it came out quite good myself. What is your problem with it exactly? It looked pretty much like the actual game.


This is a funny Link
Would be better if it was longer


The animation was decent, but, aside from that, there was really nothing moderately funny or interesting about this flash. Graphics aside, this was a pretty terrible flash. I recommend trying to be a bit more clever with your jokes. Also, maybe not have scenes jumping around so much.

Great video as always.

Just like your other videos you do great with the humor (and kudos to that voice actor).

Side note: I've notices though your responses to other's reviews that your close to the end.. have you gotten to the final boss yet? and if so what did you think of it?

Here's hoping you do another one of these once you finish the game Im sure there is so much more you can do off this game.

Samination responds:

No, I havent gotten to the final boss. For some stupid reason I started playing Twilight Princess and I cant stop. :/