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Reviews for "Skyward Sword Parody"

so cool

what is skyrim...Fus ro dah

F*cking Funny As All Hell

Hilarious use of the games not so great factors, and extremely creative use of characters. Congratulations, you just got 10/10.

Samination responds:

NOMNOMNOM that 10 tasted good.

lip smacking good

I believe your quick toon hit all of the important memorable parts of Skyward Sword even for people who don't play it. I'm still a fan of reading my games like a book, but if Link sounded like that it probably wouldn't be so bad. (It would likely be better than anyone Nintendo would choose, anyway.)

If there is anyone who complains about the look of your cartoon, it's because they didn't play the game. The reaction to the final boss in this game is about right :-p

Mad props!

Samination responds:

So true. So true. It would be great if the next Zelda game had voice acting. They could probably get away with Link still being quiet.




hey for get th rateing 3 and 4 man you get a....... 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from me or 10 still man this is sweet and links voice is kick ass