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Reviews for "Skyward Sword Parody"

GOd. FUCK. YES. I HATe this game almost as much as I hate Windfaker.

The motion controls were a good IDEA... but Nintendo ain't ready for that shit yet. And god dman they made a game with it. FUUUUU. Anyway, I hope they remake those two for the Switch. The Switch is godly.

Personally, Link's lips in this game... just remind me SO DAMN MUCH (haha) of when I was a kid in elementary school, so anxious from the damn ritalin that I licked my lips till they bled and had involuntary lipstick on Picture Day because of it. GOOD TIMES! LOL

No joke this is how the game was. Nice animation but jesus I couldn't handle links lips. It was too good

I would love to see this expanded to a series!

Awesome flash! This is one of the worst games in the series. Lampoon the SHIT OUT OF IT!!!!

time to save dumb bi$ch. i mean zelda :)