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Reviews for "Lazy Writing 3"

It´s funny c:

Es asombroso Yotam, cada dia me sorprendes mas amigo, me gusta que pongas la musica con tu guitarra ... Definitivamente eres mi idolo *-*

LazyMuffin responds:

me gusta me gusta me gusta !

I Found it Funny

Style of animation is very hilarious and simply good. Voice-acting was OK in some areas, others not so much, but I'm pretty sure you're the one who did all the voices, so, keeping that in mind, I'd say it wasn't bad.

Art is stylistic and funny-looking, but it's not like it's amazingly-drawn or anything... however, it's not always supposed to be for every movie out there, so it matched it well and I enjoyed it.

Writing is pretty good as well. I love how all the characters talk to and over each other, it makes it seem very natural.

Overall, I liked it.

I hate it when that happens

Both my grandmothers died that way. This flash should bring to light that you let your grandma say whatever she damn well pleases. Same goes for grampas too, they fought in a lot of wars.

Lazy writing? More like... good writing. Yeah.

Haha, great

Good humor, good style. The art reminds me of K.C. Green's Gunshow comic.

Too bad

You will simply never stop making random ideas for your cartoons. The coolest thing about this is probably when the grandmother turns into dust at the end. I can pretty easily tell that you are the same voice for all of these. What was also nice was how you consistently kept up your ridiculous animation. It shows that absurd art will simply never die out. It must be painful to live in such a family that's so crazy.

Of course, you might be used to that. I never knew that you were from Israel before which is why your name makes so little sense to me. What's also cool is how you present your family in such a mundane way. Well, I guess the grandma turning into dust wasn't ordinary, but for the most part it was realistic. Not that well detailed, but good.