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Reviews for "Lazy Writing 3"

woah son i'm not into you like that!

haha this was good man, well done


This wasn't as funny as the previous entries.
First seen on ABS.

As usual, good--maybe even great

I like your coming timing and animation, and really wonder sometimes whether you should just double down for a month and do a long flash animation instead of just a riff. This animation was good, and I would like to see characters like these extended across five-ten mins--maybe it could be your demo reel to show cartoon network or something. I dunno. I'm just rambling now, good work!


T-T why??????? It's so sad to see a cute, lovely, innocent old lady dying.


Not really funny....it was funnier when they were talking shit to him while on the phone....gma dieing wasnt funny or anything.

LazyMuffin responds:

Well you liked the first half, so a five is fair.