Reviews for "Tankmen Destroyers of All"


This is awezome

Tottaly Awesome!

Nice Job.
What contest did you put it in?


again my hats off to u fine sir

very good!

I was wondering, could I use the sonic 2 boss theme you did (the only thing on page 1 with a gold record)in my site? It's still under construction and I am working to destroy what's left of an earlier version which sucked, so, can I?

JonSantiago responds:

Go for it man, as long as I get credit for it.

Man this was nice!

The song in it's whole is awesome. The only part i didn't like i didn't enjoy so much is the intro. There just seemed to be some sour notes at the end of the first pattern or like if you had some notes clashing agasint each other and something souded out of place.

I really liked the rest though and the guitar is amazing, you sure have some skills.

Good luck with the contest man.