Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"

Fewest moves

Level 6 is impossible to beat in less than 8 moves and youre an asshole for lying and trying to trick people.

Daym son.

Holy crap, a puzzle game with simplistic graphics, storyline narrated through text alone and "deep meaning"?
I'd never see this coming!

I hated it

Is to much hard for a Ridiculous Story...

it not nice game

i dont like it

its hard, there is no walkthrough, but the main problem is the story

a boy loves a girl
he is obsesed with his job, the girl is sad, she make herselve a machine, the boy could never help her to make a real hearth?

that's stupid, even for a robotic game, and like all the art games on this page, its always a love that end up shitty

god, why cant some art game end WITH A GOOD ENDING?

and that is my main complain, the plot