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Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"

Fun puzzle game, can sometimes be challenging

Was a fun game, some of the puzzles were more challenging, especially toward the end. The plot was interesting, kept me curious enough to keep going till the last puzzle.

really simple, yet deep

This is a pretty well made flash game that forced me to replay over and over to get the best possible score. I think people are focusing too much on the story over what is solid game design.

pretty good

Although the story sucked big time, the puzzles are well made.

This is a wonderful little game, I must say.

The story being told is simple, but strong enough to keep you from wanting to quit. You really do find yourself wanting to know more about this boy and girl and how their relationship goes. Of course, this story doesn't quite have a happy ending, but stories would become boring if everything ended happily ever after, wouldn't they? Yeah, I think they would. Overall, the tale is powerful even if it is fairly simple, and it keeps you thinking even after the game has ended.

The gameplay is also simple, but the game is challenging enough to make you think long and hard about the puzzle you're being confronted with. But as stated before, your desire to continue the story helps prevent you from giving up. And that's definitely a great accomplishment. I also would like to add that I deeply enjoyed the little leitmotif you had going on throughout the game; ya' know, that eerie music? It definitely gives you the feeling of being in some kind of dark factory, but it doesn't completely scare you away. It's strangely mystical, much like the story. So it was a wise decision to add it to the game. I commend you for that!

All in all, it's a very nice, challenging game with a thought provoking, sad story. I may not necessarily return to it, as it's quite short (that shortness being the reason it's getting a 4.5 rather than a complete 5 stars) and there's nothing else for it to really offer besides the story, but I will be sure to keep it in mind for quite some time. And I'm very glad that I played it. It really did earn the honor of being called an "art game".

Thank you for sharing this game with everyone online.


Very brilliant indeed, and very very sad.