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Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"

Very sad story

This would make an amazing animation or even a movie ^^


but i cant get past level 9 uggggg


This game is beyond unbelieveable. It is fun, difficult, and what a GREAT idea to put a story like the one you did in with the game. It gave what could have becom a monotonous game a plot! Well Done!

Gears of love

I was hooked at the end! I feel touched by the poem. I felt rewarding when I finished the game.

Impressive Sir!

When I started playing this game, I swore the concept was too simple to yield any real challenge, but oh was I ever wrong. This game challenged me to think in ways I never have before (namely concerning change in direction of objects as they are rotated, simple, but Ive never seen it in another puzzle game). The "plot" was alright, well written, though a bit flat, although it still synergizes with the game well. The most impressive thing of all was that this game manages to have puzzles that are both challenging and still form a pattern. Good, solid 9, as I believe 10's are to be reserved for games which absolutely everyone NEEDS to play.