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Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"

The story put a tear in my eye.
The puzzle were challenging.
Yes I skipped some of the game.

not too easy, not impossible either

This is like trying to solve a rubicks cube!

There is no art in this game, yet the game itself is an art. Trust me, you'll understand why ... Well, there kinda' is, I suppose; the gears, hearts, icons full of pixel-y goodness (the SNES art).

... The background music was eerie. It gave me the impression that I was stuck in a factory with no one else around and far in the distance a long machine was working still. [SPOILER] And then later on, this *is* the setting for later half of the game, burrr. [END OF SPOILER] Got the right vibe immediately - so thumbs up for that.

It was a pain just to get the first medal - call me stupid but it took me a while. Even though it was probably just 10 minutes, it felt like half an hour for me.

Everything is controlled by the click of your mouse, so it was quite a pleasure having no need to occupy both my hands.

My heart ached for the plot, because the female sounded like someone I know - someone I am. .__.

Art: N/A (it does no justice to allocate this score since it barely has any drawings)
Sound: 3.5 stars (though the feeling is accurate but only one BGM and few, few SFX)
Controls: 5 stars
Gameplay: 4.5 stars (option to skip so player can progress into the story without brainstorming)
Overall: 4.5 stars (4.3 stars)

All medals XD not bad.