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Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"


dude thats some deep philosophy you got going there deep stuff great game

Good story, but it's the puzzle

The puzzle doesn't have really to do anything with the text. You do not pass out clues which makes it difficult.

But the story was good, never dull.


Unnecessary story, dull puzzle game

The puzzle game aspect is very well put together. The pixelated visuals work well and the music is eerie. I found the puzzles tough after a while, but ultimately boring since we've seen these types of games many times before.
The story, while nice, has nothing to do with the puzzles. I feel like it is thrown in there to provide the game with a theme other than simply cog-turning. Really, the game could exist as it were without the story and nothing would be different.

I think there is a problem with level 13

On level 13, I'm pretty sure I'm doing the minimal number of clicks but it give me 8 and the game ask for 7. I think that this is a programmer mystakes.

Great game otherwise. Still trying to get a perfect score everywhere (I never actually managed to win the levels 32 and 35.

Draknek responds:

There is no mistake, the level is solvable in 7 clicks.

(Some of the levels have the wrong minimum displayed, but these are too high not too low: rather a different problem...)

The puzzles are too hard. I quit.

The puzzles are too hard. I quit. :(