Reviews for "My Science Project"

I think this holds up pretty well. You pretty had no idea what would happen next. The ending is heartwarming in a weird way. The only thing that really bothered me was the teacher's nipples. I have never in my entire life seen nipples that erect. Seriously, does she put starch on those things?!

Is her shirt just painted on? Hell, paint would cover more than that! Anyway, this still had good animation. It's weird how you're the some person who made really violent cartoons while this one was just goofy. I guess it's always nice to try different genres.

Love it

I'd love to have a pet like that.
Great animation.
Don't care about the black splatters.

over aged

when i whatchd it . it didnt seem very violent. it was kind of mild.no blod , no swear words,no nothing. thats why u get a 7 from me.


i liked it alot but black sludge isn't violence and even if those two splats were blood it would be mild violence


good animation, but the story could have been better... it was a little slow