Reviews for "My Science Project"


this is very good! very nice style on many things! the animations were top notch!!!!!

Very underapreciated

This is an overly excellent movie better than plenty of the things on the top 50, and WAY better than a lot of 1,044 things above it.
I love your style and hope you make more things in the future...or in the past...time is irrelevant sometimes like that.
Ps. If your going to make a splattered body color it might as well be red = /

Great movie...

Not funny, though, I won't Blam a perfectly good movie for this.

that was to serious for me

where was the humor

im glad it didnt eat the dude

that was soo good, i loved the music at the end, its was perrrrrfect (oops, i accidently posted this review for a different movie :S)