Reviews for "My Science Project"

that kicked ass

well im only putitng up this comment cuz of the comment b4 me, that asked wut song that was at the end of the film.... well, Gerimi didnt say, so i will.. it was Ofortuna, by the Atanta Symphony

Pretty Nice

That was cool, I think I speak for everyone when I say "I wish I coulda done that in elementary school!!". And what was that song in the end when all hell is breaking loose?? Since you never put any credits in. Good job.


0- 3 = Poor
4 - 6 = Mediocre
7 - 8 = Good
9 - 10 = Brilliant

The story was a little drab but the professional look the movie had more then made up for it.


YEAH, i'm reviewer nr. 100 :D

o yeah great movie by the way, make some more

Destined to become a classic...

At a few points in this movie, it reminded me of the classic... "From My Room". I really think that this is definately headed in the same direction. Up.

Though, a few more sound effects at kep points would have been perfect.