Reviews for "My Science Project"

Very Good and Creative.

This movie's pretty good. Also Very Creative, Both in the Humor factor, and both because It's very understandable despite the fact that there's no speaking or Dialogue. If you have a list of people who dig this movie please add me over to that list.


taht was phenomenol. The sound choices were great. i loved it! u should definetely make a bnch more. that kid is cool. all u other people better watch it. it's soooooooo good. thast's probably my favorite movie.

Animation=good. but it just doens't stand out.

The animation is perfect. I salute you. But it really has nothing that says "I am worthy!" AKA good stuff. Most submissions I chuckle at, but this really didn't. Sorry. I'd let a little kid even see it it's so... Kiddie. Focus on something else next time, good animation, but should be something else at #3 than this.


Take that! and THAT! big fat cow of a teacher...show YOU to mess with my aimless scribbling!

Yay! :)

That was fun, thank you so much, I'm all smiles :)