Reviews for "Words and Physics"


This is actually really fun.
Gameplay is intuitive, graphics are nice, music is fine.
I'm honestly surprised that this simple game is so much fun.



Keybol?!?!?! When I started playing this game, I instantly fell in love with it, as I love these type of games, but when I saw who the author was, I was VERY surprised, lol :P

Great job, keybol, you have improved so much and have also achieved a lot - keep it up, man ;)

keybol responds:

Hehe it's been a while. Thanks Prid!

Simply Awesome

and never, ever seen, so innovative, please make a successor with more words :D :D :D


Love this game! Seriously, so smart and creative. I am entertained and feel like I am not wasting my time on a brainless game (though I am just procrastinating).


its a good game and i enjoyed playing it :D