Reviews for "Words and Physics"

Freaking sucks

See title. Fix the last level. It is ridiculous how you have to position REMOVEME in the right way or it wont work at all. Annoying.


can't get past level 4 but good idea!

sweet deal

nice awesome idea quiet orginal unlike the authers name, ripping my name off, how dare you. . . ha ha nah your alright buddy, keep the work up


Its simplistic, very well thought and a nice refuge away from other puzzle games, that just don't offer a fresh concept.
I played it, and started to enjoy myself from the very beginning and I was, although accomplished, sad that it was over, once complete. Nice job. Keep it up.

good game but...

i couldnt get past lvl 18 after about 30 tries so -1

also i found a secret way to see the text on lvl 8: just highlight it! ;P