Reviews for "Words and Physics"

Very fun

Levels 16 and 18 are far too tricky when compared to the rest of the game.
Instructions/hints were very clear, when you had time to think about them... so level 18 was a completely frustrating event; possible.... but I can't position my mouse AND type fast enough.....
Oh, and the 'next level' button wouldn't work for me, had to progress via retry level/level select combo; would have been a 9 if not for that.

Very fun, try to expand on it and make the levels broader, and remove the events requiring timing, they limit those with poor typing skills like me.

Not fun

It's a good idea, but the solutions are so unintuitive that it makes the whole experience frustrating and miserable.

Orignal game

I did enjoy it but it was very unclear, maybe thats part of the game but it could prove a hazard. Overall quite enjoyable.

one problem

you hard push fails..every time i try to hard push it to the right, the words just go under the "REMOVEME"...sooo super fail..cant even pass the level



I have never played a game so fun and addictive, and without images!