Reviews for "Words and Physics"

Quite challenging

I love the challenge of this, and the timing thing. The only thing I would've requested is a pause button.

Great game

Loved every minute of this game. Entertaining, and very creative.


Love this game! Seriously, so smart and creative. I am entertained and feel like I am not wasting my time on a brainless game (though I am just procrastinating).

Amazing game!

So creative. You deserve the 1st, but second is just as good :)

Pardon My Gushing, I Love This Game Too Much

I don't have time to play the full game, but I got about halfway.
This game is AWESOME. I love the concept, it's brilliant. I couldn't count the times my mouth dropped open. (Did I say I love the concept?)
I am eagerly waiting finishing my dull daytime tasks and getting back to finishing this excellent game!