Reviews for "Words and Physics"

Great Treat

I really appreciate the creativity in this game. This would be a great App for on the go.

Really cool

Ideas like this is what the world of gaming needs, if people looked at clever flash games like this rather than just playing shooters on 'proper' consoles, games like this would get praise and might even be able to get app releases. If there was an app of this it would work and I'd buy it!


This game was so freaking cool!!!!

Very interesting game.

The idea of this game is very unique and I never seen a game like it before. Deleting and adding words in a game was a very creative and innovative idea.

-Gameplay is very original and unique.
Ex: Deleting words or adding words to acquire a desired effect.
-Puzzles are difficult and easy when needed.
-Levels require timing, and are well thought out.

-Game is way too short! (Add some more levels!)

This game is great for a boring afternoon or gamers who like puzzle games. Although this game is short, it is well put together and should be played. This game requires you to think outside of the box to finish some levels. I recommend playing this game because it is a challenge and pretty damn unique.

Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: --

Pretty dang clever,

Bit of a glitch in the last level though, if you're typing while the laser passes overhead it acts as though the word isn't there. It took me a bit to realize what was going on when the bomb seemed to be exploding when I typed the letter D.

But that's really the only complaint I have. Well done!