Reviews for "Words and Physics"

Interestingly clever and fun. More than 5 stars.

Best well put together puzzle game yet! I Love it!

Love This Game!


Fantastic game. I've seen nothing like it. Read, write, and click, your way to removing the REMOVEME from the screen. There are different kinds of text boxes, hinted at by their starting text or appearance. Modify them, sometimes with just the right word, to change the game.

The game only has 18 levels, and they all make sense. I beat the game in about 20-25 minutes. In fact I found 2 ways that should be level 18, however it appears it doesn't like me removing the text by way of the top of the screen.

Another peculiarity that doesn't actually hurt gameplay: spaces still support words and block lasers.

It's also a tiny bit odd that lasers remove the REMOVEME while counting it as a failure. Though I can imagine the REMOVEME is trying to get freed rather than just get removed.


its a good game and i enjoyed playing it :D