Reviews for "Words and Physics"

Awesomely innovative

Takes a while to get into some of the cooler aspects of the puzzles, but once the game opens up a little more it's a blast. Were you to follow up on the game it'd be easy to see how it could improve just by adding new words and their ability to interact with each other to expand the variety on puzzles.


At least coulda made the letter's into cool grapics instead of just letters. Good idea but didn't tickle my fancy. I coulda quit to early to maybe get the point.

so cool

It´s really great to see a new idea that actually works.

this is so original!

I envy people who come up with those ideas. Simply fun game - completed on one breath


This is actually really fun.
Gameplay is intuitive, graphics are nice, music is fine.
I'm honestly surprised that this simple game is so much fun.