Reviews for "Words and Physics"


Keybol?!?!?! When I started playing this game, I instantly fell in love with it, as I love these type of games, but when I saw who the author was, I was VERY surprised, lol :P

Great job, keybol, you have improved so much and have also achieved a lot - keep it up, man ;)

keybol responds:

Hehe it's been a while. Thanks Prid!

Love it

I did however also encounter the problem in firefox where the box ends up in top of the text instead of being pushed. that being said; I still managed to beat the game. It does not make it impossible but does add a new level of difficulty

Great game

Simply genius

Awesome game

Simple, easy to understand, yet completely addicting. Great job.

Last level is all about timing and button-mashing. BTW, if you're stuck on level 13, the keyword is PIN. That one got me good.

Like the groovy soundtrack. A little short, but still totally fun. Can't wait for part 2.

Great game

Really fun game and creative idea!
However, I think there was only one issue, when I played this game on Firefox, using PUSHTYPE caused the REMOVEME to go ontop of the letters, rather than be pushed. Made the last level impossible, but this issue didn't occure when I used Internet Explorer.
Besides that, this was really awesome game :)