Reviews for "Words and Physics"

Level 16 is impossible, it just goes onto the top. i also watch the walkthrough for that and it doesn't help.
we uses different settings

Loved this game, it's just great! The last level was kind of tough to beat, the letters kept overlapping and put the "remove me" part on top of it...

Finally found smth interesting, original and unsolved by myself yet)
Great puzzle)

Fun and puzzling, a favorite on my list. I love the idea of combining intellect with a little typing. The clues are good at hinting, love the music although it could change a little. I really like the controls and I got stumped a couple of times but thats a good thing. I like that the clues keep you thinking and typing was a fun interactive way of getting through this game. First time I've seen this and its great!

Wow, really an interesting concept! Can't wait to play whatever else you cook up! 5/5 cause it hasn't become a 10/10 scale yet!