Reviews for "Words and Physics"


It's innovative I'll give it that but, It's very boring.

Why didn't I think of this?

Awesome. I like the simple, yet innovative concept of the game. Make a player's pack, please!!

not bad

moves to slow

Good, but not perfect.

This is a game with an original twist. I played on Chrome and experienced the issue, but this didn't stop me. I did find it a bit short though. You introduced the laser in level 14, then used it only 3 more times. There's just not enough to really make it a full game. Also the graphics were a bit bland and the music uninspired. You should add more themed puzzles like a Soviet Russia level where the font is indeed Soviet Russian and the answer is WODKA or something. You should also make the game a bit more diverse, like Scribblenauts, that there are different solutions to a puzzle. It was also a bit confusing with the different types of lines, which were the same color. I also noticed that the text sometimes gets rewritten instead of added to. Other than that, a well deserved 7/10 and 4/5

physics, and words

great idea, a clever game, with a great design, i vote for a second part