Reviews for "Words and Physics"


It had me kept on this game for a while, clever concept, really, so its cool.

Very nice!

Awesome, great concept.

I found it to be hard to select sometimes, and overall it felt a bit rough around the edges.

I'd love to see the engine refined a bit.

A bigger vocabulary would be awesome!

A level editor would also be great!


It was quite a good and fun game actually :). The only thing that in lvl 16 (not to give anything away) the mac keyboards and some others can't do it so it doesn't work. But still good game, good music.

3 reasons why it's great

1. 'Cause I said so
2. It forces you to use your imagination
3. The music reminds me of the Big Lebowski DVD menu

I just think that the logic doesn't quite add up. I beat the last level by blind luck. I couldn't tell you what the process was.


this has some of the best physics i've seen in some time. i love it.