Reviews for "Words and Physics"

Very cool concept

Definitely a nice addition of concept to the puzzle genre. One glitch I've found though is when too many letters are "push"ing the main word, the main word will just go on top of it, making level 16 nigh-impossible.

Good game

I just did it with touch pad on a laptop so whatever that fella said, just ignore him.

The "Hurry up" level

Is impossible with a touchpad on a laptop. I don't care how awesome your game is, one bad level can ruin and frustrate the entire experience.

suffering from some technical difficulties

It's a really good game, but when you get to the 16th level, not all keyboards are set up to rapidly enter the same character. I shouldn't have to go into system preferences to play your game.

I had trouble with the physics on level 16

Check to make sure there isn't some kind of glitch. I watched the walkthrough and SPOILER ALERT when I tried to hold down one button the word REMOVEME would just jump on top of the text.