Reviews for "Words and Physics"

Great Game.

This is a good game! This game definitely brings in a new tactic to physics games, that's for sure. Not really all that fun for me, but still a great concept, and it didn't get boring to quick.

i love the game

this fucking bug is pissing me off. when i try to give the lvl. 16 push but every time the "remove me" goes above the typed words and can't make the push.


very nice lol


^.^ this was fun. a little annoying on that last level (I ended up just getting the thing to fall off the map without detonating the bomb @-@) definitely needs a level creator :D and maybe a sequel with more stuff (electricity and generators, acid to melt stone word walls)

Very Enjoyable

I got stuck at level 18 though because my keyboard doesn't type words instantly to give the so called push =(