Reviews for "Words and Physics"

Original and neat!

This is truly an original idea, very neat! It's well made and addictingly fun. The levels progress nicely in difficulty and the overall gameplay is great!

Very neat concept

I thought it was very clever to use the physics of typing words, as well as create different objects with different items (balloon, fire, bomb, laser) as well as move the text boxes with MOVELEFT, etc.

I did have to consult the walkthrough on level 13. For some reason PIN did not come to mind. I thought of needle and tack, which have too many letters. The first thing with 3 letters I thought of that could pop a balloon was AXE, but that didn't work.

Level 16 is hard because if you type too fast, the box just ends up on top of the text. But I managed to get it at an angle to get some momentum to fall off when the text ran out.

Still a great game, if a bit short.

Well done! Good game! Best game seen ever!

1 Delete "deleteme"
2 Extend "pushtype" like "pussssshstype"
3 Delete "deltype" and extend it. If it is not working, delete and re-extend.
4 Make "moveright" turn into "moveleft"
5 Make "movewhere" turn into "moveup"
6 Make "movewhere" turn into "moveright",
then delete it when it is on the hole.
7 Delete and extend "deltype" and "rightaligned"
8 Doubleclick when your cursor become ][, then delete it
9 Type "fire" on the line
10 Type "water" on the blue lines
a. Delete the top "deleteme",
b. Make sure "removeme" is on the bottom "deleteme", and delete it
c. Delete the last "deleteme"
a. Type "balloon" on the T
b. Type "water" on blue lines, but not T
c. Type "fire" on white line
13 Type "pin" on white line before balloon goes away
a. Make the right "movewhere" turn into "moveup"
b. when "moveup" is between "removeme" and "laser",
make "moveup" turn into "moveleft"
c.when "moveleft" blocks the right "laser", make it turn into "movewhere"
d. Make the left "moverwhere" turn into "moveright"
method 1. delete all "deleteme"
method 2. make "removeme" go of without deleting all like:
16 cannot help you. extend and cut the "deltype" to make it fall.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa veme
a. extend "pushtype" until "removeme" is near the line.
b. delete "deleteme"
c. type "fire" on the line
c. delete "rightaligned" and make it "right", then extend it quickly. extend and cut it to make "bomb" fall near the line.
18 extend and cut the lower "rightaligned" to push "bomb" near the "removeme"

Very nice

No fancy graphics, and yet this game managed to captivate me better than most physics puzzles manage to do. Well done!

The concept is refreshingly innovative. Gameplay engages both spatial and linguistic functions - I really liked that, and would love to see it taken further.

Playful and clever. Thumbs up. My only complaint is the brevity of the experience.

It's Perfect

It's long ago since I played a Physic Based Game this intensive!! bravo. I like it!!