Reviews for "Inanimate"


i know that feel bro, i wanted to get all the shit to start animootion, but then i realized i dont even have any great ideas xD nice vid man


I don't know what you're talking about when you say it's not great, I think its awesome! :)

I see that pony in the corner there...

Anyhoo, onward to the flash:
For a "grasp" at frame-by-frame animation, this is really good. It's smoothly animated and shaded, well characterized, voiced, and it's funny. These days I can see someone actually doing what the guy in this flash did.
I actually can't think of anything particularly wrong with it, except maybe that the guy's nose looks weird in such a different shade of pink than the rest of his skin. And as for the writing, it's not like the script is long and complex enough to have any plot holes, unless you could find a way to mess up "guy buys art stuffs, cannot art".
Gud jub on this, brah.

Giggle Giggle

Quite hilarious indeed! And true in some retrospects.


lol its an animation about a guy who cant animate thats a contradiction