Reviews for "Inanimate"

Reminds me of an anime....

You know, it builds you up, sets the main character to a heightened level, everything is perfect..... then it suddenly goes downhill (with a subtle narrator voice). But that's just my opinion.

Amazing dude

This is hilarious shit, and it has a relatable message!
Your FBF is exquisite. If this is baby steps you'll be godly in no time.

Your voice acting is of course FRIGGING AWESOME as usual :)

story is dedicated to me, man

no joke. Wacom, iMac, Awesome microphone, no creativity or gumption whatsoever. It's like looking into a mirror for me.

Pretty much how it is

I love that people try at animation, it keeps it alive, but it isn't easy at all, it takes passion, love and dedication, perhaps starting to animate and then get your tools little by little, step by step? But hey, it's their money.

Great cartoon man, when I was on college there were a bunch of dudes that thought getting a wacom would instantly give them talent, I can totally relate.


How to finish the video lol