Reviews for "Inanimate"

When I first got flash at 12

I knew what to do :D.

Also I have read and understood the guidelines for posting reviews to Newgrounds.


felt the same way some years ago, but my cintiq is broken, so i'll have to buy a bamboo tablet...which everyone knows SUCK FUCKING DICK!

Lol what?

there, behind, is a pony? %u041E_%u043E


i think you meant "dedicated to YOU" XD

That was feckin fonni!

I was expecting something not as funny, But this was pretty funny! Reminds me of all those people asking the big boy's of NG things like "How do you make your cartoons?" And "What software do you use?" When they really have no clue what animation even Is! I liked it good job.

RicePirate responds:

yeah, man ... it's like if you haven't figured out to Google "flash animation software", there's a pretty good chance you'll have a hard time learning how to animate ...