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Reviews for "Mario Ball Z *fix*"

Not Bad

Not a bad one make it longer. It was good though. better than what i can make

it was ok

it was ok but put some more people in it oh and the kamahamaha in it


It was ok. It could have been longer. Ok for the first time (I would hope so) anyways, next time make it longer.

Oh yeah to all the little kids' reviews below me that say stuff like "PIECE OF SHIT BLAM DIS CRAP!" seriously, let's see you make a flash, then tell me it's a piece of shit. It's harder than it looks >_>.

pretty good...

Considering the fact that it probly was your first flash, i'd consider it good. The first one I made, believe it or not, was a Nintendo-DBZ collaberation. It got blammed in a half-hour. I did like it, though. You should make a game of it!

weak effort

Whilst I am aware that you probably new to flash and that I may not have much room to argue, I think that this was done with a very poor effort and that is just by watching the movie and i will continue to think that unless you tell me otherwise. Put more work into it, take your time on it, plan it harder etc and you will create amazing flash work. I hope you get better with these movies.