Reviews for "Pareidolic War"

That piano riff starting at 1:17 nearly brought me to tears, all of those modulations gives the rest of the song a much more aged vibe; as if this war has been going on forever. This is definitely something I appreciately vastly, and the rest of the piece feeds off that mood set at the beginning. The laidback sense of despair around 3:45 definitely makes this song; a small climax for an ever continuing struggle. Good job and good luck man :)

Phonometrologist responds:

That piano riff right there is a short chord progression that was inspired by Bach. The key thing about those three chords is in the descending bass line for the minor One chord to get to the major Sixth. In between is a minor fifth in the first inversion so the bass line is D>C>B. The only problem is that Bach goes over brilliant stuff too fast so I attempted to savor it a bit in this piece. So my mentality in that piano section was a bit more traditional so as to get an "aged vibe." I appreciate you interpreting the piece as well since that is where the art comes in. This war has been going on forever as it goes beyond just our own flesh and blood.

Excellent. Most excellent. ♥♥♥

Phonometrologist responds:

Thank you, thank you. In total, how many hearts do you have to give exactly, and where do you find them?

There is something about the sound of piano with a heavy left hand that makes my soul smile and the piano in this really hit the spot. Off-topic, but, the other day I was at a chamber concert and this pianist was playing a bunch of Chopin with a delicate left hand (namely the Scherzo in b minor) and it left me wanting.

Also, I love the effect using a reversed sound to transition creates. I think you did it twice and both times it was very effective. The only critique I can come up with is that the string melody in the section after the solo piano could have come out more.

Awesome piece and good luck!

Phonometrologist responds:

yes I thought this piano called for this particular style of playing. Not to digress too much either, but I thought about in the past how Chopin's works are supposed to be played and I thought about Liszt as he did many of his stuff. Then I thought about Evegny Kissin as he has been compared to Liszt of today. If you haven't caught him in concert yet, you better! Chopin wasn't meant to be played with a soft hand, and Chopin himself wouldn't want it any other way if he could.

I'm definitely going to re-mix and master this track after the judging, and your critique about the strings is noted. Thank you very much.

Awesome how you built up the tension in the beginning. Gread soundscape. The introduction into the piano part with the reversed piano was also very cool. The piano is a little bit hard played for my taste but the chords !!! very nice. What i always really appreciate in your works is this very personal note. You really are a master when it comes to put your cinematic elements - drums, synths and stuff - right in the middle of very peaceful, incredibly nice parts and soundscapes. What i found totally awesome is how you inserted drum fills which would normaly introduce a very powerful part - but you played with this tension you have created and delayed the action. Very intelligent - especially since i know that you did this intentionally.

Overall: Again you show why you should get more recognition here ... i hope that people will understand how great you are as musician and composer. Btw - the silent sequences again reminded me a little bit of pink floyd :D This is a piece which shows a very different approach to cinematic tracks - it also reminded me a lot of m83 -oblivion (feat. susanne sundfor) .

Definitely a 5/5. Good luck man and all the best!


Phonometrologist responds:

Ha Yes! you mentioned Oblivion and you're spot on. The drums were specifically influenced by it as I wanted a similar half-time groove to be played along with this piece. Just trying to continue listening and learning with what works. You mention Pink Floyd again, and I guess they're just so ingrained within my blood stream as I've been raised by them practically. I'm happy with that comment.
Again, you're too generous with your words, mate, and I thank you for that.
And in regards to recognition, I don't know... I like it simple, and I like the small group that I know now ;-)

Great mood. I like the variety of the song. Each segment sounds different, yet it all fits together. It's like the song tells a story. It evokes images. The strings sound nice and emotional. I think I like the pad like elements of the song best. Like the part from 2:22 to 2:39. Of course it works best in the context of the song. Good resting point. The pds still sound great when other more prominent instruments play over them. Good luck in the competition.

Phonometrologist responds:

I'm glad you like the pad choice as well. It's a bit grainy and old sounding, and I thought it appropriate for this. And in regards to mood, I try for a more somber approach as well...then again, I don't know when I ever not strive for that.
Thank you for listening and leaving such a kind review. But kind or not, I enjoy them regardless. Likewise in terms of the competition!