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Reviews for "Attempt at Something"

Nice! The leads remind me a lot of Daft Punk! In fact this song kinda sounds like what I imagine Daft Punk would do with dubstep! =P

introstalge responds:

lol thanks :D

There's not really much I can say about this, other than the fact that it's awesome!

Good luck in the NGADM ^-^

introstalge responds:

Thanks man :)

That bass, and that lead synth: Just "mm." It's a tastey combo. Chemiqals said it himself, that melody sounds like it's coming right out of a Daft Punk classic. And then you keep changing it up with different basses and arpeggios, that's the sort of Midas touch that takes a song in a genre typically known for being a waiting period between bass drops and keeps it fresh. I only wish you'd made the variations in the second half of the song different that the first; it would have kept that momentum going for me as a listener.

Still, this was a joy to listen to!

This has become one of my jams, officially. I’ve listened to it on repeat for hours and haven’t gotten tired of it, so here’s my review! :D
First, the beginning is intense, but a great buildup to the melody. The filter you have on it is pretty awesome and works well as a starting presentation. The mixing afterwards is so clear and bright that it is an excellent transition.
Love the riff that you have going on with the main synths, too, and the sequential synths that are added afterwards. The arpeggios are super cool and sound great, the wub that follows is a nifty way to split up the theme and add variety, and the low to high res filter also helps enhance the overall electronic feel. You really played a lot with filters, speaking of which, and I think it’s awesome how it all turned out. Everything works together well, especially that little synth break that trickles down right before you drop the bass.
The percussion, though, is what stands out to me the most. It’s extremely well-mixed; not too loud, not too thumpy, and allows the synths to shine, even though you know it would sound great on its own.
Only reason I didn’t give a ten was because of 2:04 – I felt you were building up to something that didn’t quite match up to what I was expecting. I wanted a big punchy rhythm after that and only got more synths. But it’s not as big a deal to take away from the quality of the rest of the song; I can deal with it!
After a while, upon listening to it for the 347th time, I likened this to a casino exploding and all the pieces landed in a nice pattern. :P Great work.

NGADM Round One Score: 9.8

introstalge responds:

Thanks for the feedback headphoamz!

HOW IS THIS 2014?????!!!????!?!?!?!?