Reviews for "Orcus"


That opening riff just took a massive dump on every new metal song I've heard in the last year.
I know that sounds like empty, dramatized praise, but I mean the shit out of it.

5/5 - I'd be put in a difficult position if asked to truthfully say I'm not rubbing my nipples to these riffs right now.

PirateCrab responds:

Quality ha! It's hard because there's not a lot of melody behind it which is where tracks shine in the NGADM, but if you're rubbing your nipples to all the riffs, then I think I'll be fine :P thanks dude means a lot!

Yeah, moshable!
Sound, melodies, riffs - everything is amazing.
Love it!

PirateCrab responds:

Thanks dude! Hopefully I'll get this used with my band work soon :)

Damn those are some killer riffs! Great song dude! :D

PirateCrab responds:

Cheers dude! Riffs are where my work shines so glad you enjoyed :D

Killer djent dude! This would make Bulb proud.


PirateCrab responds:

Here's hoping haha, he's one of my main inspirations. Thanks man :)

This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
OH SWEET JESUS THIS IS INSANELY HEAVY. (thanks for that Step) Need. MOAR. Need... Epic vocals too. Casey Sabol, plzthx. Honestly, this would be at home on a Periphery album.
Mixing: 9/10
I think you have the best, most precise, heaviest guitar tone in this genre (Djent) on Newgrounds. Seriously, it's super pro and super good. I think you still need to work on how you mix the lead sound into the rest, it sounds very out of place, suddenly there in the middle, quite muddy and not really complimenting the rest of the track on a sonic level. This may be because of the amount of reverb/delay used, perhaps you should consider using a different one... Having said that, outstanding playing/technique throughout and a rich, beefy drum sound make this track just that much more awesome.

Composition: 8/10
Well... You melted my brain, pummelled it into nothingness and then some. I love it. Despite that, I still feel there was something missing here, maybe that eureka moment where I lose myself in the ebb and flow of the track as it transitions from one section to the next. In comparison (hey it's your own fault I'm comparing you to these songs, yours is just that good, I want to push you to be even better), I'd say Icarus Lives DOES have that thing I'm looking for. Maybe it's the vocals, sure, but it's also how the bass has a chance to come in about 1:30 into the track and provide a bit of relief, creating a lot more depth to the song, among other things. Perhaps also the variety in that track.
And hey. Perhaps I'm just talking out of my arse.

Either way, excellent track mate. Keep it up!