Reviews for "Ninja Haters"

awesome but...

i"m sorry but ninjas win if the have Chuck Norris

SodaKick responds:

I dunnooooooo. Have you ever seen the Octagon or Sidekicks? Those are like the Citizen Kanes of bad Chuck Norris films.


Nice rap, fine animation! 10/5, favorite

Let's see if ninjas have a response to this.. (Shinobi will prevail)

SodaKick responds:

If it's war they want, then it's war they'll get. Not like actual lots of death and misery involved war. The super happy fun kind you get in Advance Wars for some reason.

That or Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax. Murder time fun time!


I mean i love pirates and ninjas and on this clip you made it look like ninjas are uncool, but you just chose a cool version of pirates and uncool version of ninjas. but cool short still :)

SodaKick responds:

This dude gets it! Buy him a drink.

Great lines

Amazing job. Especially loved the Indiana Jones reference and how ninjas can't rap b/c they don't make a sound


Ninja > Pirate