Reviews for "Ninja Haters"

Don't really like rap, BUT...

I LOVED THIS! Congrats on the daily feature!


Very catchy rap and pirates over ninjas.
What more could a pirate fan ask for?

SodaKick responds:

Rum, wenches, and some vitamin C.

<_< nices...

:o all i have to say is this....going to show this to naruto fans and see what happens

Batten the Hatches and Bust a Cap

The whole time I was watching this, I was thinking "One Piece vs. Naruto". Great lyrics and background track... awesome job! "I don't always listen to rap, but when I do, I listen to pirate rap."

I loved it. Great animation. Umm, but no, M-Trogdor-98, there's shouldn't be a Luffy vs Naruto version of this because Luffy isn't a pirate. Pirates steal from and kill the innocent, raid merchant ships, etc. Luffy never does that ever; he even fights off pirates to help the innocent out. The only way he could be considered a pirate is that he sails under a jolly roger (pirate flag). Despite what he THINKS he is, he is really only a pirate wanna-be. The closest thing to a pirate he can be classified as is an outlaw.