Reviews for "Ninja Haters"

Nice Animation but...

You forgot one thing....

Ninja > Pirates


SodaKick responds:

Oh you rascal!

Glad you liked!

Loved it.

I think this portrays a pirates courage, wether that be the intentional or unintentional in any way. Pirates were always brave in a fight, and the ones who gave up were not the type of men that the captains wanted on their ship. Only the brave and fearless were aloud.

Jspriggs - Ninja's are not superior in some ways, and vice versa for pirates. But lets get some schooling done. Soap WAS invented back then, but was expensive and heavy, not to mention extremely toxic. Pirates didn't carry it because a single barrel could cost around the modern equivalent of 500$ American. As for their teeth, dental care was not around back then, and even moreso for Ninjas. Another dental thing, scurvy did not garm the teeth, but rather the gums. And Scurvy is a bad stereotype for Pirates. Very few ( 1-3 ) pirates per ship actually got scurvy. Oranges, Limes, and Lemons were a popular choice among pirates, as they were in high quantity after the Spanish conquered Southern America, which efficiently protected pirates from Scurvy.

And while your statement was mostly logical, it seems heavily biased. Try not to express biased opinions, because people will think you're a douchebag.

And to Nicholas, I sense the sarcasm in your comment. It made me laugh.

Love it!

What else to say?


Now go make pirate haters :D Like martial artists against pirates or whatever XD


i always liked ninjas better then pirates cuz of there stealth and honor and the fact that they can be heroes can you make a song about pirate haters? cuz ninjas r epic