Reviews for "Ninja Haters"


i dont like rap but i love pirates =) (btw boo ninjas you guys suck)

i have been a big fan of one piece so i do love stuff like this =) nice lyrics and animation btw probably one of the more unique videos on this type of thing.

It's groovy too the max

Pirates own so much more booty and ninjas aren't even allowed to celebrate wealth, have sex, or drink. All they can do is sneak around and kill for people that hire them.

Yarrrr me maties!

Pirates > Ninjas.

Pirates. Drunken English privateers out to plunder!

Ninjas. Asian men wearing pyjamas.

Oooh Captain Dan ^^

Captain Dan ^^

jack would be proud

best fight ever would be sparrow vs snake eyes(GI Joe)...hmm I see an awesome video in that somewhere. Anyways good job man deffinately worth the watch