Reviews for "Ninja Haters"


I love ninjas, i hate rap, facts arent straight, but eh, good animation and general plot

SodaKick responds:

Can't win em all. Thanks for your input.


so ya..

Discrimination against Japanese?!

Lies and Slander!

I'd like to see a pirate defeat a gigglekiss dragon on the plane of nonstop Lifetime marathons using only their earlobes. Or surf on a Draculabot while re-entering Earth's atmosphere. Or battle an army of Warlock Warthogs in their sleep while all their bones have been removed. Can a pirate do that? A ninja learns to do that by preschool.

SodaKick responds:

I can spell my name in the snow. It's pretty impressive.

Pirates suck.

Ninjas are way cooler. Jack Sparrow was a cool captain, but was really incompetent considering he always was drunk. (Why's the rum always gone?) Total alcoholic. Pirates also always smelled like that shit, considering soap hadn't been invented yet and what else would you expect if you lived on a boat for months on end without stopping at port. Not to mention their awful looking (or lack of) teeth. Scurvy is right! @ NightmareV Ninjitsu isn't made up, its real. Its not magic either, dumb ass. Its trickery to gain the upper hand on opponents like the smoke and powder they use to blind and/or confuse enemies. Its exactly like the U.S. military equivalent of concussion, flash-bang and smoke grenades. Its a tactical move. Pirates didn't have that shit, did they? And the few guns they did use back then were extremely inaccurate and inefficient, sometimes backfiring and injuring the user instead of the enemy. As for the movies, I don't know because I don't watch any of either of the genre you mentioned. In short, ninjas are the better, more efficient and cooler warriors between the two. By the way, Chuck Norris is gonna be pissed when he finds out that he was used in this music video parody. Lol

SodaKick responds:

Everything you said is intelligent, well thought out, structured, and delivered and whoever you marry is going to be extremely lucky regardless of gender or species.