Reviews for "Ninja Haters"

Best Rap I've heard in Years.

Good animation with truly clever lyrics and music. You can't ask for much better than this.

SodaKick responds:


ty u man

i used 2 b song addict but i watched them all...
but ur ones in my top 10 man

Great rap

I prefer pirates anyway, ships, swords, guns & the lassies.
But seriously video was amazing & so was the song, those pirates rap crazy nice. Ninjas don't have a thing on Captain Dan's crew & their cool lyrics.


Verry good song and animation.
I can wait to see some ninjas counter their pirate rappin'g in another video

Martial artists are better than ninjas anyways

Your second flash and you're still going on strong.

There should be a Luffy Vs. Naruto version of this.

Can't wait to see what you upload next.