Reviews for "Ninja Haters"


This rap was absolutely wonderful, I really enjoyed. The animation could have been a little more interesting, but the method you used for this flash limited what you could do for the most part. Overall it was very well done!

SodaKick responds:

I tried for a little more cartoony! But it turns out pirates have guns and stuff and the pen is mightier than the sword, but apparently not the flintlock glock(another awesome song btw)

If I do more work with these fellas, it'll prolly look like more of this though and I'm fine with it. It's not my personal preference, but I really enjoyed working on it and that's the most important thing. If you want to do something for the rest of your life, you should enjoy it.

Why Does this not have a higher score?

I thought that this flash was catchy, well animated, and overall, awesome! Really good character animation, posing, and hand movements. Sure there could have been more frame by frame, but this was well animated regardless. I liked the storyboarding and found myself giggling through the animated gags. Good job!
+5 and I hope this gets front page!

SodaKick responds:

Thanks! The story boarding was a big help from my brother. I can't emphasize how important it was to have him help me with this.

Very catchy song!

Gosh, that song was terrific! Haha well anyway, your art is really good, the only thing that threw me off was the animation. From what I assume, you used bone animation, which necessarily isn't bad! It's just that bone animation is good in moderation. Most, if not all of it was in that style which made the characters more like puppets than anything. And then there's their facial expressions, they didn't seem to change much, at all. They had the same expression on their face the whole time which mad them dull and again look like they're puppets. Those are just some things that you can improve on your next flash. Other than that, I absolutely love the art style and I cannot wait what you have in store for us in the future. :]

Pirate Hater!

Would have been a ten for graphics and great effort, but!
I am a ninja. Ninjas would whoop a pirate's ass!

I really liked it.

The only thing that bugged me was the whole Autotune part, I know that it is kind of a rule nowadays to use it in a rap song, but it just feels shabby and unoriginal. Besides from that small part I loved the entire thing, and though I do like ninjas, pirates are fucking awesome.