Reviews for "Ninja Haters"


1+ because the animation was perfect,and +9 because i hate naruto

<_< nices...

:o all i have to say is this....going to show this to naruto fans and see what happens

ha ha ha awsome...

this was very well done and i'm not going to repeat what everyone is requesting...
Ok all you ninja posers, listen up! you all failed at being ninja for claiming you are one... in some sects that is punishable by death back in that time... and the magical crap ninjas do isn't real... hand signs (kettsuin or kuju-in) are only buddhist mudra (hand signs) used primarily for stretching... running on water doesn't exist, you can thank Hattori Hanzo (there is four of them look for Masanari aka Masahige Hanzo) for setting that myth up back in the edo dynasty... to know more about the mystisim aspect read about the sanada ten braves... good luck! And keep up the good work, sodakick!

I made a newgrounds account to write this review..

Brilliant. If you DO NOT make a Pirate Hater sequel to this, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND FORCE YOU TO.

I shall be listening to this for many weeks to come.

I really liked it.

The only thing that bugged me was the whole Autotune part, I know that it is kind of a rule nowadays to use it in a rap song, but it just feels shabby and unoriginal. Besides from that small part I loved the entire thing, and though I do like ninjas, pirates are fucking awesome.